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Tel: 0800 592215

Tel: 0800 592215
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mobile shelving

Mobile Shelving
If you are looking for very dense storage, especially for items that are accessed infrequently, such as archives and records, then Mobile shelving could be the answer.

Organisations that buy mobile shelving are looking for a way to condense their storage into a smaller space.

This is very popular in offices and store rooms where rents are higher and space is at a premium.

Mobile shelving systems work by having banks of shelving racks on wheels and tracks that slide up to each other. This way only one common aisle is required and space is saved.
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static shelving layout

Conventional static shelving layout plan view

moblie shelving layout

Mobile shelving layout plan view demonstrating greatly increased storage density

Popular uses of Mobile Shelving

  • Architects plans

  • Hospital records

  • NHS records

  • Surgeries archives

  • Libraries

  • Museums

  • Schools

  • Colleges

  • Insurance brokers

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