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Tel: 0800 592215

Tel: 0800 592215
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R1 - Shelving

The simple construction of this system, requires no special tools for assembly other than a rubber or nylon faced hammer.

The supporting horizontal (orange) beams simply fit into the upright post (blue). Once a bay has been constructed the 18mm high density chipboard panels are laid on top to create a solid heavy load bearing shelf.

This heavy duty system can be ordered in bay widths starting at 1525mm up to 2440mm wide. Shelf depths start at 380mm and go up to 1220mm.

Shelf loadings range between 500 - 650kg per level depending on the configuration.

Should you require a different sizes please call the sales office on 0800 592215.

Shortspan shelving bay
R2 Heavy Duty Shelving - Buy Online

R2 - Shelving

This is the lighter duty version of the R1 shelving and is supplied in a bay width of 915mm.

  • Easy to assemble with a soft faced hammer.

  • Shelf loadings 350kgs per shelf UDL

  • 1980mm or 2440mm high x 915mm wide

  • Shelf depths 380mm, 455mm, 610mm, 915mm

  • 6 shelf levels (including top and bottom)

  • Orange beams and Blue uprights

R2 Heavy Duty Shelving - Buy Online

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