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Tel: 0800 592215
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Simply Super Shelving - Buy Online

Simply Super shelving is ideal for workshop and domestic applications. It is an adaptation of the highly successful Supershelf TM system which was designed for commercial and industrial use.

Unlike the typical shelving that is for sale in DIY outlets, Simply Super is bolt free, easy to build, and easily adjustable. It has all the benefits of industrial shelving at domestic prices.

Standard dimensions are 1576mm high x 1000mm long x 400mm deep. Supplied with 4 shelf levels including top and bottom. Each shelf level will accept an evenly distributed load of 170Kg for steel shelves or 90kg for plastic shelves.

Plastic or Zinc Shelves

Simply Super is now available in 2 versions:

Zinc finish shelves - for heavier loading applications and ideal for a range of applications

Plastic perforated shelves - ideal for washdown areas or for lighter loading applications

  • We deliver to you. No need to lug it back from the shops

  • It is easy to build with simple instructions.

  • Extra parts available on request.

  • Starter and extension bays available.

  • You can buy on-line.

  • Smooth durable galvanised finish. Suitable for greenhouses.

Now you can get those tools, books, and all paraphernalia off the floor.

The starter bay comes with 2 upright frames. To make 2 bays, the extension bay only requires one upright frame, hence the lower price for the extension bay.

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